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7BC Scout Program

At 7BC Venture Capital, we are seeking exceptionally talented scouts to join our dynamic team remotely. As a 7BC Scout, you will play a vital role in sourcing new investments, tracking startups' progress, assisting startups prior to investment, conducting technical and business due diligence, negotiating, securing funds, taking board seats, and adding value post-investment. Additionally, some of our scouts help raise LP capital and cultivate relationships with institutional, large corporate, and accredited angel LP investors.

As a network-oriented venture capital firm, we believe in the power of community in nurturing startups and building a sustainable venture firm. Our community strengthens with each new startup we fund and every LP and scout that joins our network.

Joining 7BC as a scout offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the success of innovative ventures while potentially paving the way for a future in venture capital. This role provides a pathway to establish a track record that may lead to a full-time position within our VC, build an impressive angel portfolio, or even launch your own VC fund.

Ready to make a meaningful impact? Fill out the application below – a quick process that takes just a minute. We diligently review every application and respond promptly. Your journey with 7BC Venture Capital starts here.

7BC Scout Application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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