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We back innovative founders solving society’s biggest challenges via strategic support and a remarkable network of investors and large corporations.

Join the revolution and enlightenment of data-connected software unshackling all of us. 

7BC is a venture firm defined by its unique global network. We are a diverse and global set of active strategic individual investors backing our VC funds that support portfolio companies across all stages driving revenue growth, customers, partners, solving problems, fixing technology, raising follow-on investment capital, accessing talent, and buyers resulting in successful high-growth transformational companies.

Founders within the 7BC ecosystem have the opportunity to opt in or opt out of a program that enables them to acquire equity stakes in fellow 7BC portfolio companies through mutually beneficial engagements. This may involve facilitating investor introductions, contributing strategic value, and participating in appointments to each other's boards of directors or advisory boards. This initiative is entirely voluntary, and startups within our network may choose to opt into this program as a means of fostering collaborative growth and strategic synergy.


7BC Venture Capital is a venture fund focused on powering the digital economy investing in companies that automate and reimagine human workflows while harnessing the power of data. True AI is a game changer for product and service design and development, optimized processes, location and use of data, and enhanced organizational collaboration. 7BC is driving this transformation. We focus on Late-Stage Seed and Series A rounds from our fund and then fund our existing portfolio companies via SPVs exclusively from our LPs up to exit.



Our funds are open to family offices, corporates, institutional and accredited angel investors. We have developed a unique platform to involve LPs in our process from sourcing to DD, taking board seats, adding value, co-investing and impacting the exit. Family offices and corporate LPs may participate in our LP-in-Residence Program (LP-IR) and rotate family members/executives into any of our offices for up to two years learning venture capital and rotate back to the family or corporate with VC experience and a lifetime relationship with our team. LPs are also welcome to join meetings and Zooms with startups and join us in person for shadow weeks. 

Our name 7BC rings true as we have Limited Partner investors in our funds from 6 continents including Canada, key tech corridors across the U.S., South America, the UK, Nordics, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

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