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Apply to join the 7BC Syndicate

7BC Venture Capital directly invests in tech startups through our dedicated VC funds. We also share investment memos with the Limited Partners (LPs) in our VC funds, enabling them to co-invest alongside us when opportunities arise and allocations permit. Additionally, LPs can invest in the growth rounds of our portfolio companies from Funds I, II, III, and IV via our Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

At 7BC Venture Capital, we maintain pro-rata equity rights to sustain our ownership percentages and foster strong relationships with CEOs and founders, allowing us to invest on a super pro-rata basis. LPs in our funds receive first access to our SPV sidecars, although they often do not fully subscribe to our allocations. To address this, we are launching our own self-managed 7BC Syndicate.

Approved 7BC Syndicate members gain access to exclusive deal flow, ranging from early-stage investments to late-stage pre-IPO and secondary rounds co-investing with leading VCs in the industry. Complete the application below—a quick process that takes less than a minute. We carefully review every application and respond promptly. Please note, that our funds and syndicates are available exclusively to accredited investors and qualified purchasers as defined by the SEC. 

7BC Syndicate Application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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